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Indonesia has been categorized as one of the largest migrant-sending countries in Asia. Hundreds of thousands of people leave the country every year in search of better job and living prospects. Many run the risk of becoming victims of abuse, exploitation, and human trafficking.

AWO International’s involvement in Indonesia is centered on advocating for safe migration and strengthening migrants’ rights.  Community organizations and self-help groups are capacitated and strengthened by AWO International and their NGO partners on the ground.  This way  participants of our projects can effectively advocate the needs of their communities and represent public issues in conversation with official government institutions and other stakeholders.


We also support local organizations in responding to emergencies and in building the capacity of communities to manage and reduce the risk of natural disasters. The prevailing risks of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes carry the potential for natural disasters striking local communities. 

Members of the migrant women's group, "Pada Patuh" in Ketapan Raya Village, hold a discussion with children of migrant women to identify and address problems. (Photo: AWO International)
Southeast AsiaIndonesia

Protecting migrant women from Lombok from human trafficking and violence

Poverty and a lack of job opportunities in many communities on the island of Lombok push people to migrate to seek better economic prospects; a large percentage of these migrants often become victims of human traffickers. Together with our partner organization – ADBMI, we are implementing a project to protect migrating women and men.

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Participants in a training course for organisational management from our partner organisation PPK. The former migrant women want to work against human trafficking in community organisations. (Photo: AWO International)
Southeast AsiaIndonesia

Safe migration for migrants from Lombok

Extortion, exploitation and violence are violations of rights that happen to many migrant workers. In their search for a better life for themselves and their families, they often end up in extremely precarious working conditions. Together with our partner organization - PPK, we worked for the protection and rights of migrant workers.

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 In an information and education campaign, the pupils were taught in a playful and entertaining way about, among other things, concrete rules of conduct in the event of an earthquake. (Photo: AWO International/YSI)
Southeast AsiaIndonesia

catastrophe prevention in earthquake affected communities in Lombok

Many months after the earthquake of 2018, the event continues to have an impact. In this context, the willingness of the population to learn how to take precautionary measures and better prepare for future natural forces is especially great. This is one of the contributing factors to the success of the project that AWO International's partner organization, SHEEP Indonesia, is implementing with local actors.

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Our partner organisation INFEST offers education and information on the subject of secure migration as well as workshops and training courses. In this way, former migrants or family members can pass on their experiences and knowledge on the subject. (Photo: AWO International)
Southeast AsiaIndonesiaMalaysia

Strengthening rights for migrant workers across borders

Hundreds of thousands of people leave Indonesia every year in search of better income. Many of them run the risk of becoming victims of abuse, exploitation and human trafficking. Together with our partner organization - INFEST, we are committed to facilitating safe migration and promoting decent working conditions in Indonesia and Malaysia.

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