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Mehrere Männer verteilen Lebensmittelspenden.


In recent years, Turkey has taken in more than 3.7 million refugees who have fled their homes because of the ongoing civil war in Syria. This makes Turkey the country that has taken in the most refugees worldwide.

On 6 February 2023, Turkey and Syria were shaken by several violent earthquakes. Tens of thousands of people are dead or injured, many are still missing. In Turkey, around 12 million people live in the areas affected by the earthquake, including two million Syrian refugees. The need for humanitarian aid is huge: the affected people need shelter, medical care, food and drinking water. Together with local partner organisations, we provide humanitarian aid and distribute, for example, emergency relief packages, tents, mattresses and nappies to affected families.


Two women hand an emergency aid package to an elderly lady.

Emergency aid after the earthquake in Turkey and Syria

Two major earthquakes with thousands of aftershocks occurred in the Turkish-Syrian border region on 6 February 2023. More than 50,000 people lost their lives, over 100,000 people were injured and 26 million people are affected. AWO International is helping more than 40,000 people to meet their most urgent needs.

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