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Mexico is an emerging country and at the same time faces numerous social and environmental difficulties. The structural causes of poverty continue to exist: 45 percent of the population lives in poverty. 10 percent are considered extremely poor. The number of violent acts in Mexico has been at a very high level for years.

In our project work we stand up for the rights of migrants. We strengthen migration committees and self-help groups to counter the effects of labour migration. We support the health care of migrant women and offer protection against legal violations.

Migrants in transit are provided with a warm meal by the hostel La Sagrada Familia (Photo: UMUN)
Central AmericaMexico

Strategies for the protection of migrants

Mexico experiences the entire migration cycle: Every year about 450,000 migrants from Central America cross the country, many of them staying in the country. But thousands of Mexicans are also on their way themselves. But migration harbours many dangers. Together with our partner organization UMUN, we are carrying out a project to reduce risks.

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Central AmericaMexico

Assistance and rights access for migrants in Tapachula, Mexico

In 2021, more than 130,000 asylum applications were filed in Mexico, making it the third country in the world with the most applications. About 90,000 of these cases were initiated in the city of Tapachula, in the department of Chiapas (WOLA 2021). The city is now known as a "prison city" for migrants and asylum seekers. The Fray Matías Human Rights Center works to strengthen access to rights and services for people in diverse contexts of mobility, with an emphasis on women and girls, in Tapachula.

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Lobbying for safe migration: IMUMI demonstrates to draw attention to the death of migrant children (Photo: IMUMI)
Central AmericaMexico

Lobby work to strengthen the rights of young migrants and returnees

The focus of our Mexican project partner IMUMI is mainly on lobbying. Together with a network of NGOs, IMUMI campaigns for the allocation of protection measures for unaccompanied minors and advocates access to education for children and young people of transnational families.

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