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Humanitarian aid in Ukraine


The ongoing Russian war in Ukraine has already forced millions of people to flee their homes, including many children and young people. According to the United Nations, around 18 million people in Ukraine are in need of humanitarian aid. Since February 2022, AWO International has been working with local partner organisations to provide emergency relief and reconstruction.

Ein Mann und eine Frau stehen in einem Klassenraum vor einer Gruppe Kinder, die an einem Tisch sitzt. Jedes Kind hat einen Laptop vor sich. Der Mann und die Frau tragen Westen mit dem Aufdruck: "AWO Emergency Response, Aktion Deutschland Hilft".
In Chernihiv, AWO International is creating safe places for children to learn together with the local partner organisation savED.

Together with local Ukrainian partner organisations and numerous AWO associations in Germany, AWO International was on the spot to provide rapid emergency aid and is also offering long-term support to the people of Ukraine. Through Ukrainian partner organisations, we are distributing emergency parcels and cash aid, providing psychological support and repairing schools, kindergartens and private homes damaged by the attacks.

At the beginning of the war - from February to July 2002 - we carried out 19 aid transports to Ukraine or to the border together with various AWO associations. Urgently needed goods such as food, sleeping bags, hygiene products, medicines and medical equipment were delivered to Ukraine and distributed locally. Winter aid was also a central part of the work of AWO International and our Ukrainian partners.

Since mid-2023, the focus of our projects has shifted more and more to reconstruction: private homes, but also social institutions such as women's shelters, schools or care facilities, urgently need to be renovated, equipped and, in some cases, rebuilt. As the war has also left deep social and psychological trauma, psychological support for war-affected Ukrainians is a key part of the work of our Ukrainian partners: "Every additional day that this war continues means a loss for everyone involved, a day full of fear, pain and sadness," says Irina Dasyuk from our partner organisation savED). Together with savED , we also provide psychological support to vulnerable groups such as children, people with disabilities and the elderly.

Every donation helps us to support the local people. 

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Current projects

In Chernihiv, our local partner organisation savED is rebuilding destroyed and damaged classrooms and supporting warming rooms in 20 schools. These serve not only as classrooms, but also as community meeting places.

Also in Chernihiv and the Sumy region, we are working with our Ukrainian partner organisation Right to Protection (R2P) and Solidar Suisse on a project to support vulnerable and war-affected people. At least 30 social facilities will be renovated. R2P is also working to provide two mobile teams to provide professional home care for adults and children.

We're working with Let's Do It Ukraine - a Ukrainian NGO - in Kherson and Mykolaiv. Here, the floods that followed the destruction of the Kakhovka dam left terrible damage. Let's Do It Ukraine is repairing or renovating three social facilities that were destroyed by the flood. A total of 192 homes will also be repaired: This means providing expertise and materials to help residents clean, dry and disinfect their homes.

The Ukrainian organisation Rokada works in the Zhytomyr region: By providing psychological support, such as group or individual sessions for refugees, it aims to treat war-related trauma as early as possible with trained staff. Rokada also provides training in self-protection and self-responsibility for social workers, who are currently under extreme stress.

In Lviv, we have been working with our local partner organisation Walnut House since November 2022 to renovate a women's shelter and provide a programme for women who have survived domestic and gender-based violence, or who have been affected by war.

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