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Strengthening transformative learning in voluntary welfare work

This project strengthens transformative education, especially Global Learning and Education for Sustainable Development, in the welfare sector.

The project aims to strengthen the leadership competencies of volunteers. These volunteers are working part- and full-time and are mostly dedicated to programs in the fields of early child development as well as youth and adult education. 

  • Trainers of educators
  • Social workers and pedagogues
  • Volunteers of volunteer programs 
  • Volunteers of sustainable programs 

 They develop strategies for transformative learning programs in their area of activity, develop and learn methods and receive the opportunity to share ideas within the newly established network. Following activities are included:  

  • Training for the trainers of educators and  nursery teachers 
  • Professional exchange program and congress for youngsters regarding the topic of solidarity within a global context 
  • Training for pedagogues
  • Networking regarding the Sustainable Goals of Development 
  • Integration of developmental education within the activities of our institutional anniversary 
  • Digitalization of our educational program 
  • Support with monitoring and evaluation

To this end we work together with partners inside and outside our organization.


Project Further training in non-statutory welfare work
Place/Region Germany
Partner Partner organization in Central America and Mexico
Target group Trainers of educators, social workers and pedagogues, employees in voluntary services, employees who implement sustainable projects

Development and implementation of educational programs (online and offline)

Duration 2019-2021
Budget 79.538 EUR (2019), 66.749 EUR (2020), 93.842 EUR (2021)
Sponsor Engagement Global mit Mitteln des BMZ

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