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Nicaragua is one of the poorest countries in Latin America. About 40 percent of the population lives in poverty. The situation is particularly difficult for young people: their lives are marked by violence and a lack of prospects.

Together with our partner organisations, we support youth organisations and youth networks in actively participating in municipal development processes. We offer further training and strengthen the rights of young people.

In workshops, the young people are shown prospects for a place to stay (Photo: AWO International)
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Youth work for the creation of perspectives for staying in the country

Migration from Nicaragua has increased sharply as a result of the domestic political crisis since April 2018. Our partner organization CANTERA is committed to secure and enlightened migration. In addition, it points out perspectives for staying in Nicaragua by working out life plans for young people and young adults with psychologists and showing them future perspectives through income-generating measures.

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Computer courses, job application training, information courses or leisure activities: The range of youth initiatives is diverse. (Photo: Katrin Neuhaus/AWO International)
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From young people for young people

Since 2013, AWO International has been supporting youth initiatives in Central America and Mexico that have emerged from development projects. This enables young people to implement their ideas and projects with their own resources.

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Concentrated on the set: The young filmmakers take over everything from the use of the camera to positions, light, color, sound and production. (Photos: ECC)
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Participative Communication: The Central American Film School ECC

Communication is a human right: The film school ECC trains young people in Central America in the field of participative communication. In order to reflect on their own life reality through the medium of film, they learn everything from the use of a film camera to the implementation of their own production.

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Central AmericaEl SalvadorGuatemalaHondurasNicaragua

Inclusive disaster risk management in Central America

In Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua, people are at constant risk of becoming victims of natural disasters. People with disabilities are particularly at risk. In partnership with ASB and CBM, we are strengthening the resilience of people with disabilities through effective and inclusive disaster risk management.

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