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Corona in Honduras: Financial support for families

The poorer sections of the population in Honduras are facing major challenges as a result of the COVID 19 crisis. Strict restrictions on their access to work and income prevent them from working, and at the same time the government's aid measures are not comprehensive. AWO International therefore offers financial support that enables 388 families to purchase food and hygiene products.

Together with OCDIH we support families financially to buy food and hygiene products (Photo: OCDIH)
Together with OCDIH we support families financially to buy food and hygiene products (Photo: OCDIH)

For months, people have been facing a global health crisis that requires rapid action. In recent weeks, the COVID-19 pandemic has also affected Honduras, with a rising infection curve every day and an entirely unprepared health-care infrastructure.  Corona also worsens social inequality: while the richer sections of the population are accumulating food and hygiene supplies, 67 percent of Hondurans experience a lack of resources. The strict curfews have led many wageworkers to suddenly lose their income base. Due to widespread corruption, government aid measures do not reach those who need them most urgently.

Financial support and education

Together with our partner organization OCDIH and Aktion Deutschland Hilft, we financially support single mothers and families to purchase food and urgently needed hygiene materials. A total of 388 families in the Copan region receive 2,000 Lempira (approx. 76 EUR) to cover their own needs for at least 15 days. With the donation, all participants will be advised on hygiene and disinfection materials and food. In addition, general information about the virus, symptoms, forms of transmission and prevention and protection measures will be communicated.


Project Humanitarian aid for families affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in western Honduras
Place/Region Copan/Westhonduras
Partner OCDIH
Target group 388 families
  • Provision of financial assistance for the purchase of food and hygiene products
  • Consultation for the purchase of food
  • Development and distribution of information material on the virus, its symptoms, modes of transmission and appropriate protection and hygiene measures
  • Creation of a safety net for vulnerable families during curfew
Duration 2020
Budget 30.000 EUR
Sponsor Aktion Deutschland Hilft

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[Translate to Englisch:]  Erfolgreiche Kleinunternehmen: Der junge Mann verdient sein Geld nun mit dem Verkauf von Milkshakes (Foto: AWO International)
Central AmericaHonduras

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The central causes of flight in Honduras include violence, poverty and a lack of prospects. Together with its project partner OCDIH, AWO International is making a contribution to combating the causes of flight in the region. Educational and income-generating measures are intended to give young people and young adults new perspectives for a self-determined life.

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