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With information campaigns and hygiene packages against the spread of Corona

Uganda is one of the poorest countries in the world and suffers from a fully utilized health system. With the global spread of the COVID-19 virus, this system faces a huge challenge. Together with our partner organization COVOID, we distribute hygiene packages and carry out information campaigns.

Our partner organisation COVOID distributing hygiene material in the Nakivale refugee camp (Photo: AWO International)
Our partner organisation COVOID distributing hygiene material in the Nakivale refugee camp (Photo: AWO International)

More than 100,000 refugees live in the refugee settlement of Nakivale in southwestern Uganda. Even before the Corona crisis, life here was already marked by major challenges such as poverty, malnutrition and a lack of health care. The health care systems are working to capacity and not only have low staff on the ground but also lack medical equipment. Together with our partner organization COVOID and Aktion Deutschland Hilft, we are therefore promoting the fight against COVID-19 with information campaigns and the distribution of hygiene packages.

Far-reaching awareness-raising campaigns

In order to inform people about signs and symptoms of COVID-19, its distribution, prevention measures and response strategies, COVOID produces information materials in six languages. With the help of posters, T-shirts, radio spots or talk shows, people can be informed barrier-free and without contact about the virus and responsible advice centers.

Enabling hygiene with hygiene packages and washing stations

At the same time, hygiene packages with disinfectant, soap and face masks will be distributed and hand washing stations will be set up in public places so that people can protect themselves.

Cooperation with the municipalities

COVOID works in close cooperation with the communities of the Nakivale refugee settlement in order to mobilize measures and contribute to decision-making. Mutual communication on the risks of COVID-19, on strategies and measures is important. Involving the communities creates a basic understanding of the needs, coping mechanisms, capacities and appropriate measures to be taken. Community commitment to promote hygiene and sanitation is a dynamic process that links the community and other stakeholders to give people affected by the crisis more control over the measures and their impact on them.


Project Preparation of communities for prevention and response to COVID-19 in Isingiro district of Uganda
Place/Region Isingiro District, South West Uganda
Partner Community Volunteer Initiative for Development (COVOID)
Target group Residents of the Nakivale refugee settlement
  • Distribution of educational and information materials
  • Radio spots and broadcasts for COVID-19 awareness
  • Installation of a messaging system for the rapid information of people by SMS, Whatsapp or other means
  • Installation of washing stations and distribution of hygiene pacts
Duration March 2020- September 2020
Budget 30.000 Euro
Sponsor Aktion Deutschland hilft, Donations

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