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Educational materials

Our educational material is aimed at full-time and voluntary educators who are active in extracurricular youth work or training and further education. In order to facilitate the implementation of own educational offers with a global perspective, we offer method boxes whose objectives and content are based on our workshop offer.

Neue Perspektiven auf Flucht und Migration

"New Perspectives on Flight and Migration" is a tool for educators in school and extracurricular youth and adult education. In five chapters the topic is examined from post-colonial, anti-racist, diversity and development perspectives. One chapter is particularly aimed at employees and volunteers in social work.

يعمل كتيب "وجهات نظر جديدة بشأن الهروب والهجرة" كأداة للمعلمين في المدارس وتعليم الشباب وكذلك خارج المناهج الدراسية.يتم فحص الموضوع في خمسة فصول من منظور ما بعد الاستعمار ، ومكافحة العنصرية والتنوع والتنمية. يستهدف فصل واحد على وجه التحديد الموظفين بدوام كامل والمتطوعين للعمل الاجتماعي.

"Act for sustainable Development" is a guide on how to promote global justice and sustainability.


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