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Massive fire has swept through a Rohingya refugee camp in Bangladesh

On March the 22nd, a major fire in the Balukhali refugee camp in Cox's Bazar has destroyed the shelters of more than 88,000 Rohingya refugees. Together with the organization Solidar Suisse, we are providing relief supplies and support, as well as training on how to prevent and deal with fires and burn injuries.

The massive fire destroyed more than 10,000 huts in the world's largest refugee camp in Bangladesh (Photo: AWO International/GUK)The massive fire destroyed more than 10,000 huts in the world's largest refugee camp in Bangladesh (Photo: AWO International/GUK)

It is the largest camp for refugees in the world: The Balukhali refugee camp in Cox's Bazar in southern Bangladesh is home to around one million Rohingya migrants. They have fled to Bangladesh in the summer of 2017 to escape the massive violence and human rights violations by the Burmese military. The large fire - whose cause is still unknown - destroyed more than 10,000 huts, including community centers, learning and health facilities, and sanitation facilities. Many residents are still searching for their relatives - around 500 people, including children, are considered missing. At least 15 people have died. 

The urgent need of humanitarian aid

Essential support such as food, drinking water, emergency shelter, clothing and cooking equipment are urgently needed. Our partner organization Solidar Suisse has been working actively with local partners and people since 2017. Solidar Suisse, in cooperation with the local partner Young Power in Social Action (YPSA),  is distributing  relief supplies to 1,457 people. This inlcudes kitchen utensils, hygiene articles as well as bamboo mats, tarpaulins and solar lamps. In addition, 20 volunteers will be trained and enabled to prevent and handle fires  and burn injuries accordingly. The volunteers  will  pass on their knowledge to at their  family members  in further training courses. In this way, the project is helping to prevent fires of a similar extent in the future. The relief measures are aimed primarily at vulnerable people: women,  senior citizen, sick or injured people as well as those households that have lost family members in the fire.

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Project information

ProjectEmergency aid for victims of the major fire in refugee camp in Cox’s Bazar
Place/RegionUkhiya Upazila, Cox's Bazar Distrikt, Chittagong, Bangladesch
PartnerSolidar Suisse in cooperation with local partner Young Power in Social Action (YPSA)
Target group

1.457 people (310 households) und 4.650 indirect beneficiaries. Priority: vulnerable groups such as women, seniors, injured and sick people and families who lost family members in the fire

  • Distribution of relief supplies, including kitchen utensils, hygiene articles, bamboo mats, tarpaulins, solar lamps
  • Training in the prevention and handling of fires and burn injuries
Duration1. april to 30. june 2021
Budget20.000 EUR
SponsorAktion Deutschland Hilft

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