Gender equality, food security, human trafficking, children's rights and more: Here you can find an overview of our projects by topic. You can find an overview by region and country here.

Child and youth rights

Millions of children and young people worldwide live in poverty. Every child has the right to protection, support and participation. AWO International supports children and young people in exercising their rights.



Climate change and food security

To improve the food situation in rural areas, AWO International supports projects in sustainable agriculture. Climate protection and rural development are considered together.



Migration and human trafficking

The living and working conditions of migrants are often inhuman. The border between migration and human trafficking is blurred. AWO International is committed to ensure safe migration and ist fighting against human trafficking.



Promoting gender equality

Women are still massively disadvantaged worldwide. AWO International is committed to strengthening the social and economic participation of women and to ensuring that men assume equal responsibility.



Disaster Risk Reduction

The frequency and intensity of extreme weather phenomena has increased in recent decades. Disaster risk management helps to minimise risks and save human lives.



Humanitarian action

In crisis situations, AWO International, also in cooperation with local non-governmental organizations, quickly provides humanitarian aid to the affected population and supports the rehabilitation and reconstruction process.