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Protecting migrant workers from exploitation and abuse

Every day, many women from the island of Mindanao leave their families to migrate abroad for work. A large percentage end up being exploited and abused. Together with our partner organization, MMCEAI, we aim to facilitate for a safer migration process for all stakeholders involved.

E Participants in a stakeholder dialogue discuss strategies for safe labour migration. MMCEAI brought together 52 representatives from local government agencies and community organizations (Photo: AWO International)
Participants in a stakeholder dialogue discuss strategies for safe labour migration. MMCEAI brought together 52 representatives from local government agencies and community organizations (Photo: AWO International)

Giving migrant women a voice

Formed in 2007, the Mindanao Migrants Center for Empowering Actions Inc. (MMCEAI) is a rights-based service organization for migrants of Mindanao - active and returning Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and their immediate families and communities.  

Together with AWO International, the project with MMCEAI aims to address the reduction of vulnerable conditions of migrant workers and their families to exploitation and abuse in the form of a rights-based development intervention. Three core strategies are undertaken: Capability Building and Development, Partnership and Networking, and Advocacy & Campaign Action.  

The project will ensure that migrants and their families are capacitated, and actively engaged; and key stakeholders will be also involved through consultation and dialogue. Collectively, a framework of action to advocate migration and development was designed. Besides women migrants - active, returned, and would-be migrant workers - the project will involve Anak OFWs (children of Filipino migrant workers) and left-behind families. Believing that the challenges can be better addressed if the voices of those affected are heard, stakeholders - such as media, church, civil society organizations, and national government agencies and local government units – will be involved in the discourse of migration, environment, peace and development.


Project Engaging Migrant Workers and Families in Social Structures towards Promoting Safe and Regular Migration
Place/Region Davao City – specifically in Barangay Calinan, Los Amigos, Mintal, Sto. Niño, Bago Aplaya, Talomo – Muslim Village, Matina Crossing, and Bucana 76-A; BARMM, SOCKKSARGEN, CARAGA, NORTHERN MINDANAO
Partner Mindanao Migrants Center for Empowering Actions Inc. (MMCEAI)
Target group Community migrant associations; left behind families (households with migrants abroad); returned migrants; children of migrants; various types of organizations (civil society organizations, media, church people, educators, labor unions, etc.); relevant lo
  • Reducing the risks and vulnerabilities of abuse and exploitation of (women) migrant workers through the promotion of safe migration by social structures in Mindanao
  • Helping migrant-affected people in target communities assert their rights and entitlements
  • Strengthening barangay local government units’ implementation of existing guidelines and laws on safe and regular migration
  • Ensuring that migrant workers are better protected through improved local policies on safe migration on a sub-national level (with a focus on specific administrative and autonomous regions in Mindanao)
  • Increasing the local community’s acceptance of MMCEAI as an actor in the promotion of safe migration
Duration 2021-2023
Budget 73.333 Euro p.a.
Sponsor BMZ

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Our partner organisation INFEST offers education and information on the subject of secure migration as well as workshops and training courses. In this way, former migrants or family members can pass on their experiences and knowledge on the subject. (Photo: AWO International)
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Strengthening rights for migrant workers across borders

Hundreds of thousands of people leave Indonesia every year in search of better income. Many of them run the risk of becoming victims of abuse, exploitation and human trafficking. Together with our partner organization - INFEST, we are committed to facilitating safe migration and promoting decent working conditions in Indonesia and Malaysia.

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In trainings and workshops children and young people learn about their rights and how they can fight for them. (Photo: AWO International)
Southeast AsiaPhilippines

Halting child trafficking and sexual exploitation

Time and again, children and women on the Philippine island of Mindanao become victims of human trafficking for sexual exploitation. In addition, cases of sexual abuse on the Internet are becoming more frequent. Together with our partner organization Child Alert Mindanao, we implemented protective measures and education programmes to strengthen the awareness on and protection of the rights of children and women.

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Members of the migrant women's group, "Pada Patuh" in Ketapan Raya Village, hold a discussion with children of migrant women to identify and address problems. (Photo: AWO International)
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Protecting migrant women from Lombok from human trafficking and violence

Poverty and a lack of job opportunities in many communities on the island of Lombok push people to migrate to seek better economic prospects; a large percentage of these migrants often become victims of human traffickers. Together with our partner organization – ADBMI, we are implementing a project to protect migrating women and men.

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