Southeast Asia

Persistent poverty and widening inequality are some of Southeast Asia’s biggest problems. Much of the region is in the Pacific Ring of Fire, which also increases its exposure to natural disasters. These factors render the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people defenseless in coping with the multifold economic and social challenges they face in their lives.

Our work in the region, specifically in Indonesia and the Philippines, is focused on providing humanitarian assistance for people affected by natural disasters as well as  on promoting safe migration and combatting human trafficking. With our local partner organizations we are ensuring the awareness and application of women’s and children’s rights. Our goal is to sustainably improve the living conditions of the marginalized and disadvantaged people in Southeast Asia.  To achieve this, we partner with national and local NGOs who support people’s social structures and strengthen their self-help and advocacy capacity. We also cooperate with various stakeholders from the government, the civil society and academia.  This  approach helps promote the collective empowerment of communities and capacitating local organizations to sustainably tackle various issues.

Talikala offers advice and training on child rights for young victims of child trafficking. (Photo: AWO International)Talikala offers advice and training on child rights for young victims of child trafficking. (Photo: AWO International)
Southeast Asia • Philippines

Protection of young women against sexual exploitation and human trafficking

According to the Government of the United States of America the Philippines are a country with especially gross failures in the field of human trafficking, because out of hundreds of thousands proved cases of human trafficking only a very few were sanctioned in prosecutions.


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