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Emergency aid and reconstruction after flooding

Due to the continuous heavy rainfalls following the regular monsoon season, serious flooding and landslides occurred in western Nepal in October 2021. Twenty-one people lost their lives, and hundreds of homes were damaged or completely destroyed. Within a short time, our emergency relief team was on site to provide immediate aid.

Beneficiaries are receiving support for food items and home (Photo: AWO International/ GUK)

Particularly in Sudurpashchim Province and in our project region in Doti District, the floods and landslides caused serious damage and destruction. The floods were also a disaster for agriculture. Around 50,000 hectares of rice fields were damaged - a great loss for the local farming families, as the rice was almost ready for harvesting at the time.


Together with our Nepalese partner organization NEEDS Nepal, we immediately identified the most affected families and set up an emergency relief project. "We need to cover immediate basic needs as well as assist with reconstruction," said the NEEDS Nepal team. With NEEDS Nepal, we have been implementing safe labor migration and anti-trafficking projects in the affected communities of Shikhar and Adarsh for several years.

In the first phase of the emergency project, food packages consisting of rice, lentils, oil, salt and sugar, were distributed to the affected families to cover their initial needs for at least one month. Families were also provided with materials to build temporary shelters and they also received hygiene kits and kitchen sets.

However, the floods did not only destroy the houses and fields - most of the irrigation and drinking water systems were also damaged. Therefore, in the second phase, the project supported the repair of this important infrastructure. This allowed agricultural activities to resume for the winter season and provided households with clean drinking water. Cash vouchers for house reconstruction and agriculture were also distributed to the 35 most affected families.

Educational work as an important component of the project

In order to counteract the spread of COVID-19 also and especially during this time of crisis, the project paid special attention to the distribution of protective materials. As part of the project, 33 schools in the Adarsha municipality were provided with protective masks, soap, disinfectants and hand-washing stations, training on hygiene measures was carried out and information brochures were distributed to all students and teachers.


Project Emergency relief and recovery assistance for flood-affected, refugee communities and COVID prevention activities in Doti District, Nepal
Place/Region Shikhar Municipality and Adarsh Rural Municipality, Sudurpashchim Province, Doti Distritt
Partner Nepal Environment & Education Development Society (NEEDS Nepal)
Target group 85 flood-affected households (425 people); 7500 students, teachers and school staff from a total of 33 schools for COVID-19 protective materials or measures
  • Food distribution (consisting of 60kg rice, 9kg lentils, 4.5l oil, 1kg salt and 2kg sugar per household)
  • Distribution of materials for the construction of emergency shelters (consisting of tarpaulins, nylon ropes, blankets and mattresses)
  • Distribution of hygiene kits (consisting of detergent, bath soap, dishwashing liquid, towels, menstrual items, protective masks, toothpaste, toothbrushes, pants, saris and sandals) and kitchen sets (consisting of pots, plates, spoons, cups and buckets)
  • Distribution of cash vouchers for the reconstruction of houses
  • Distribution of cash vouchers for agriculture
  • Support for the maintenance of irrigation and drinking water systems
  • Distribution of COVID-19 protective materials (consisting of protective masks, hand washing stations, soap, and disinfectants) in schools including demo and distribution of informational materials
Duration November 2021-March 2022
Budget 42.212 euro
Sponsor Aktion Deutschland Hilft

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