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Installation of solar power systems for the projekt partner OCDIH in Honduras

With the funding from Grüner Strom Label e.V., our project partner OCDIH in Honduras was able to install solar power systems in two regional offices. In this way, OCDIH is setting a good example and demonstrates the ecological and economic effectiveness of renewable resources in the region.

Our project partner OCDIH in Honduras was able to install photovoltaic systems in two regional offices with the financial support of Grüner Strom Label e.V..
Our project partner OCDIH in Honduras was able to install photovoltaic systems in two regional offices with the financial support of Grüner Strom Label e.V..

In Honduras, the cost of the conventional energy has increased by around 200 percent in the last three years. This means that some families have to spend up to 30 percent of their monthly income on providing the public service.

Saving money while supporting sustainable ressources

In cooperation with the Quality Management/Sustainability Department of AWO Bundesverband and with the financial support of Grüner Strom Label e.V., our Regional Office Central America accompanied the partner OCDIH in the installation of two solar power systems in both offices in Nueva Arcadia, Copán and Potrerillos, Cortés. Both systems were installed and commissioned in November 2020. An average of 14,000 kWh per year was consumed before. The switch to solar energy, consumption per office has now been reduced to around 6,000 kWh. The remaining 8,000 kWh per year will be generated via solar energy in the future. In order for OCDIH to be able to overgrow, maintain and service the solar power systems, which are expected to have a useful life of 20 years, the employees were professionally trained.

The two solar power systems will not only save OCDIH money in the future, but will also make an important contribution to environmental protection and to raising awareness of renewable energies in society. The efficiency of solar energy is thus publicly demonstrated and should motivate other private individuals and organisations to switch over as well.

With this project, we are contributing to the achievement of these Sustainable Development Goals:


Project Construction of 2 PV plants in Honduras in Nueva Arcadia, Copán and Potrerillos, Cortés
Place/Region Nueva Arcadia, Copán and Potrerillos, Cortés - Northwest of Honduras
Partner OCDIH
Target group OCDIH
  • Installation, further education and awareness-raising measures
Duration 01.05.2020 till 31.12.2020
Budget 21.818 Euro
Sponsor Grüner Strom Label e.V.

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Central AmericaHonduras

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