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After Hurricane Eta and Iota: Reconstruction and food security for families

In November 2020, two hurricanes hit the Potrerillos region in Honduras. Only within 15 days. With a reconstruction project, AWO International helps families to get back into a normal life and strengthens disaster risk management within the community in order to prepare the community for future natural disasters.

Many families lost their homes due to Eta and Iota. The living conditions in the shelters are very cramped (Photo: AWO International/OCDIH)Many families lost their homes due to Eta and Iota. The living conditions in the shelters are very cramped (Photo: AWO International/OCDIH)

In November 2020, two hurricanes hit Central America: ETA and IOTA swept across Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala in just 15 days , with up to 260 kilometers per hour. The storms caused great damage, especially in Honduras and the Sula Valley. Four million Hondurans were affected by the heavy rains and storms. In Potrerillos Cortes alone, 7,800 people lost their homes. In November 2020 AWO International has been providing humanitarian emergency aid with the partner organization OCDIH in Potrerillos. 600 families who lost their homes received mattresses, blankets, cookware, hygiene kits and mosquito nets, as well as drinking water and food.

Back to normal life

Our eight-month reconstruction project started in April 2021: 100 families are being supported in repairing and rebuilding their houses. Therefor, they receive financial support for the purchase of furniture, construction materials and household appliances. In addition, the families are trained and encouraged to create their own small gardens in order to be able to provide for themselves. The families learn to grow fast-growing local fruits and vegetables - such as ayote, spinach, coriander, and sweet potatoes. Additionally they are supplied with chickens.

Disaster preparedness

To learn from this catastrophe, we are also supporting the development of emergency plans and the establishment of local risk management organizations. Participants of the community, who form the disaster prevention associations as well as the youth network, are trained in disaster prevention and organize awareness campaigns. An important part of the project also includes clean-up and garbage removal campaigns organized by community members themselves, as well as the installation of public garbage cans. Due to the trash in the sewer systems, flooding has increased in the region.

Providing a childhood: Buidling new playgrounds

Especially the children and young people in Potrerillos have suffered greatly in the past months. In addition to the unusual living conditions caused by the Corona pandemic, many lost their homes along with toys and clothing. Many families found accommodation with relatives, while others had to take refuge in the crowded emergency shelters in the city. In both cases, people had to get used to a completely new environment. This often did not go unnoticed by the children. For this reason, the project plans and implements playful activities for about 200 children between the ages of 8 and 14. This is to help them process their trauma and reduce stress. New playgrounds will be built in Potrerillos, as there is a lack of public recreational activities for children.

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Our project contributes to achieving these sustainable development goals, for example. For more information on the global sustainability agenda, please visit our Sustainable Development page.

Project information

ProjectSupport for the restoration of the homes of families in the municipality of Potrerillos Cortes, affected by Hurricanes Eta and Iota
Place/RegionPotrerillos Cortes, Honduras
Target group

Families in Potrerillos

  • Renovation and reconstruction of destroyed houses
  • Training of families for sustainable agriculture with local vegetables
  • Trauma recovery and construction of playgrounds for children
Duration01.04.2021 – 30.11.2021
Budget65.000 EUR
SponsorAktion Deutschland Hilft, City of Düsseldorf

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