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Africa: our work in Uganda

Droughts, crop failures and malnutrition: The nutritional situation in many countries of East and Central Africa is still serious, also in Uganda. Nevertheless, this country is welcoming people from its neighbor states South Sudan and Congo. In our 100-years- AWO – anniversary, we are upscaling our work in Uganda: You can support us!

More than 30 million people are reliant on food aid in East and Central Africa. There are 600.000 internally displaced people as well as one million refugees from the Congo and South Sudan living in Uganda. “When I visited our project partners in Uganda, I was deeply impressed by the solidarity that the Ugandan people were showing towards the refugees. However, I also saw that it is more than necessary to support the country since more than 40 percent of people living in this country suffer from malnutrition”, says Ingrid Lebherz. 

Providing food security and integrating refugees

Since 2017, we are performing projects in Uganda. Doing this, 14.000 children and adolescents already received a meal at school and the hygiene situation improved. Together with our Partner Organization “Right to play Uganda” as well as other local civil society organizations, we were talking about how the living situation of the people can be further enhanced sustainably and long term. After these meetings it got clear that we need to expand our work in Uganda.  

In a new project, the situation of families suffering from malnutrition and food insecurity will be improved. On top of that, we are promoting the social as well as economical inclusion of refugees within Uganda. Just like in our other project regions, we are closely working together with local civil society organizations. Solidarity does not have any borders, so support us with your donation! 

These are our goals:

  • Enhanced living conditions for 10.000 people: generating and increasing the income that comes from animal husbandry, beekeeping and agriculture. Higher revenues due to innovative cultivation methods, for example line seeding, mixed crops and irrigation.

  • Enhanced agricultural production: creating 10 school gardens. Diversifying and upscaling the production. Qualitative improvement of nutrition. Awareness-building activities for healthy nutritional habits.

  • Trainings for 14.000 students: courses on health in order to prevent disease and malnutrition. Treatment of children suffering from malnutrition. Assistance in family planning.

  • Improving sanitary conditions in 28 schools: Water- and hygiene-clubs for students. Improved sanitary facilities. Sustainable usage of water resources. 

  • 1000 household are getting trained on new cultivation methods: improved quality of soil. Sustainable forest management. Introduction of drought-resistant seeds and high-yielding new varieties.  


Do you have questions? Reach out for us! Do you need Flyers, posters or postcards? Or an article for your website? 

Miriam Druba 
Phone: 030 / 25292-364
Email: miriam.drubaprotect me ?!awointernationalprotect me ?!.de


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