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AWO International is committed to fair trade and distributes its own fair trade and ecologically produced products. Those who buy fair trade and ecologically produced products act in solidarity and can make a difference. Join in now!

With this initiative, the association is sending a clear signal for justice and poverty reduction as well as for a sustainable and environmentally friendly economy in the countries of the global South. The purchase of fair products has a direct impact on small farmers in the producing countries: Fair trade helps them to achieve decent working and living conditions through the payment of fair prices, equal and long-term trade relations and the promotion of environmentally friendly cultivation.

More and more responsible consumers are opting for fair products and against exploitation. The more people who support Fair Trade by purchasing Fair Trade products, the fairer it is in global trade. Ask in your office, in companies, canteens and restaurants about possibilities to switch to fair trade products. Numerous AWO organisations and institutions already support Fair Trade. Join us too: Enjoy and make the world a little better!

What does Fair Trade do?

Due to climatic conditions, foods such as bananas, sugar, coffee and tea are grown exclusively in countries of the global South. However, their world market prices fluctuate and are often so low that small farmers cannot make a living from them or cover their production costs. By paying fair prices, Fair Trade creates decent working and living conditions and excludes illegal child labour. Fair Trade is also about advocating more justice at the political level. Only cooperatives that are democratically organised and politically independent are supported. They are given the opportunity to market their products, train themselves and stand up for their rights. Fair trade thus promotes democratic structures and contributes to more justice and sustainable development.

How does Fair Trade work?

Fair trade means prices that are independent of price fluctuations on the world market. Producers* receive a guaranteed minimum price for their goods that is well above the world market level. Because no intermediaries are involved, they earn higher revenues than in conventional trade. In addition, for many products, a Fairtrade premium is paid, the use of which is decided by the cooperatives themselves and, above all, invested in local social projects. In addition, more and more cooperatives are converting to organic farming. In this way they protect the environment, achieve higher prices and meet with great demand from consumers. Long-term supply contracts also create planning security and enable investment in the future.


Think globally - act locally: Anyone who buys fair trade and ecologically produced products acts in solidarity and can make a difference. The more people support Fair Trade, the fairer global trade becomes.

With our AWO Gourmet Coffee, AWOpresso, AWO Tea and the AWO Sugar Sticks, we offer a small but fine range of Fair Trade and ecologically produced products. In addition to our fair products, we offer a wide range of material on the topics of globalisation and fair trade. (Unfortunately we only deliver in germany at the moment)




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